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Our knowledge of the “electric car” is limited most of the time to articles that skim the subject from afar or scrutinize one or the other very specific facet of the phenomenon, but we seldom come across a document that clarifies all its facets.

Here, the various strands of the “electric mobility” revolution are tackled in simple, easy-to-understand language, backed up by a wealth of illustrations. The global context, how the electric car works in daily use, and even the technical details are described clearly, so that everyone will get something out of this book.

The descriptions of the main vehicles currently on the market are accompanied by the assessments of the professional journalists working for the well-known Belgian car magazine, Le Moniteur automobile. The last chapter, in contrast, tries to raise he veil on what the future holds in store with the electric car and its little sister, the autonomous car. Where will we be in 2020,2025, and 2030?

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Paperback, 16x24cm, 240 pages, 120 color illustrations and a glossary of more than 100 terms. 

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