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Discover, in 230 pages and 120 illustrations, why and how the electric car is an innovation that is going to change our daily lives. What is life with an electric car like? Electric cars are expensive to buy, but are they that cheap to run? Should you buy a hybrid? What about hydrogen? Is the electric car the new iPhone?

Table of contents

The eight chapters in the book break the “electric car phenomenon” down into its components – context, daily life, technology, and operation – and answer the many questions that it raises and controversies to which it gives rise.  

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The book is available in four different versions on Nowfuture Éditions' site: French for Europe, English for Europe, French for North America, and English for North America (US$ 18.99).  

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If you already have the book, the following pages provide additional information, links to the sources and companies mentioned in the book, and much, much more!

The Electric Car, Here and Now!

Range, cost per mile, charging time, charging stations, purchase price, lifespan, resale value, available and future models, etc. This book explains in everyday language everything you need to know to make up your mind about electric vehicles instead of disseminating prejudiced opinions. But that's not all.

The electric car announces the advent of the autonomous car and mobility as a service, with a string of sociological, environment, economic, and other consequences. What will happen to the automotive market when it is composed above all of corporate buyers interested only in running costs and the cost price per mile?

The electric car, here and now...and that's only the beginning! 

The author

The author
Benoît Michel is an electromechanical engineer. Upon graduating he built an electric car and various prototypes of electric motors, and then a low-energy house. This popular science buff shares his passion for new technologies, cars, and energy problems through his lectures and a host of technical writings. 

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