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Chapter 1 Electric propulsion - A Real innovation
There are over one billion cars on the planet and only a third of a percent of them are electric, a small proportion that will more than double this year! This growth seems destined to follow those of the Internet and mobile phones. When an innovation arises, nothing can stop it ...

Chapter 2 The global context

Global warming, replacing fossil fuels with electricity, and the emergence of renewable energies are all factors that favor electric mobility over internal combustion engines. Cities are growing, and pollution is, too. That's another reason to replace oil with clean energy.

Chapter 3 Living with an electric car

Anybody who once drives an electric car has a hard time getting back to a vehicle that needs a clutch to get its wheels rolling at startup! No more noise and pollution, no more need for costly refueling and servicing, and the battery is full every morning. And for long journeys, the fast-charger networks are expanding strongly.

Chapter 4 How does it work?

Very simple drivetrain, very low center of gravity, a plug to replace the tank cap, everything is different and yet so similar ... How does a battery work, how does it recharge? Everything is clearly explained and abundantly illustrated.

ter 5 Tesla and the others
Tesla is the only 100% electric car manufacturer. It offers luxurious, expensive models but its fast-charging network is unmatched. The best-selling models from other manufacturers are also detailed. And many novelties are expected in the coming months. You will find in this chapter all the information required to make your own choice.

Chapter 6 Hybrids and hydrogen

Are hybrids cheaper? Discover here the pros and cons of plug-in hybrid cars. Will hydrogen replace batteries? And what are the advantages and disadvantages of hydrogen?

Chapter 7 The autonomous car

After the robot lawn mowers in our backyards, will we soon see driverless cars on our streets? And if so, what will happen to taxi drivers and insurers? Will the Highway Code remain unchanged? Will we continue to buy cars if using Transportation-as-a-service becomes ridiculously cheap?

ter 8 Controversies, arguments, et predictions
"It's too slow, the pollution from lithium batteries is horrible, there will not be enough electricity for all these cars, ..." or "I like its silence, its acceleration, its ridiculously low cost of ownership, not going to the pump, ... "
What will happen in 2020, 2025,2030? What brands will emerge, which will disappear, who will be winners and losers.


120 technical or usual terms from the world of the electric car from "Ampere" to "Zero emission" are explained clearly and succinctly.

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